Aisen Chacin's sculptural shapes, channels us to question the metaphysical levels of the human existence. The three-dimensional work composed by multiple forms installed in the aerial space resembles body fragments or human remains that stand out in a limbic zone, dramatically frozen in the air.  The pieces hang from the wall or from the ceiling in a tensional climate, visually confrontational.

Aisen Chacin infiltrates emotional darkness and a strong undertone to these distorted, even colorful abstract pieces. Behind the contorted and twisted shapes Chacin provokes strong visual associations with body parts that could relate to these condensed masses of molded plastics. Do they set out as remnants of human fatality? Resulting of a catastrophic event or a Human ordeal?

Their expressionistic shapes and dislocated volumes hold out a tragic allure. The pieces convey a felling of neo-romanticism in their inside object-ness. In a subtle borderline between dialectical metaphysical oppositions, they encompass frictional encounters and aggressive links.

“Through out Installations, Site Interventions, Paintings, Sculptures and Photography this show reviews crucial axes of Contemporary Art, private/public, collective memories, the self and its political masks, in and out the social self...”

Curator Milagros Bello, Ph.D.

Entrevista Naciones Unidas New York a Aisen Chacin obra  Aiselados/Cautiverio